Our Supporters

AGAPE exists and does what it does because of the many generous supporters of its programs. That support is both financial and service by many volunteers. We recognize our volunteers with a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner every spring to thank them for their previous year of service. We also recognize our financial supporters by publishing their organization on our website, in our Recollections newsletter and at the AGAPE Center. This recognition is minor compared to the awesome support they have given in the past and continue to give today. Thank you to all those who help make a difference in our community.

~Eileen Chapman, Executive Director

Gratitude and thanks to the following organizations for their generous financial and in-kind contributions, click on the letter below for a drop down of supporters, click on the letter again to collaspe the list:

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AND to all of our Anonymous and Individual donors....THANK YOU!!! We cannot do it without the help from our entire community.